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"The demo does not do the final wedding video justice. The end result is priceless. I couldn't imagine anyone doing a better job than Ian. The wedding video was the best purchase we made for the whole wedding, we will cherish it forever. "
Stephanie and Bob

"It was beautiful! I still cry, and will probably always cry each and every time. Thank you, thank you, again & again. We will always remember this!" Emily and Thomas

"The whole video was just excellent and everyone who has watched it has fallen in love with it. You two did a wonderful job! Well worth it!" Jaymee and Zach

"My husband thinks I'm crazy since I've watched it so many times. But I see something new, it seems like, each time I watch it. It's something I'll treasure forever " Cheryl (mother of bride)

"WE LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF OUR VIDEO!!! We just watched our video and loved every second of it. It featured every detail of our wedding. This weekend we will take the time to write you a more formal letter of reference but I did not want another minute to go by without letting your wife and you know how much we appreciate your work. Anytime you need a reference please add us to that list we have an infinity of compliments to express to anyone interested in your services. If you recall our first meeting I jokingly asked you for perfection, you humorously you replied I cannot promise perfection. Well you sure did produce perfection!!! Thank You!! " Valerie and Jaime

"The video is awesome and spectacular!  I received it yesterday in the mail and watched it last night. I know Megan and Austin will be so surprised when they see it. The flow of the whole event was perfect" Beverly (mother of bride)

"Our wedding video captured so many emotions and memories that even pictures could not show. Thanks so much for your kindness, professional style and talents" Lindsey and Zach

"We are simply thrilled, the more we watch it the more we love it. It is something we will treasure forever"
Philip and Carol

"We received the DVDs and they are fantastic. We absolutely loved them and so did all of our family. Thank you so so much!!!"
Kim and Kaleb

"Just wanted to let you know we finished watching the video just now and I couldn't wait to email you.  It is absolutely awesome!  It is everything I expected and much much more.  I have never seen a wedding video done so professionally and perfectly.  I cried during the "moments" was the perfect ending.  The credits/bloopers were hilarious. We have often since talked about how neither of us remember much of that day, but the video brought back great memories.  Thank you so much for doing such a great job" Jaclynn and Eric

"I can't believe how completely and beautifully it captures the whole event from beginning to end. I think viewing the video may even be better than attending the wedding!" Linda (Mother of Bride)

"You really captured all the elements of our special day and we are so glad we used your services. We would definitely make the same decision again" Erica and Joey

"We viewed the video last night from our wedding and I must say - You did a fantastic job.  We were very pleased with how it turned out. " Kristen and Richard

"We just finished watching our wedding video for the third time :)!! We absolutely LOVE IT!!! Jaimie and I just wanted to thank you for an outstanding job.  I'm sure it wasn't easy working under St Thomas' restrictions, but you have produced the most lovely video for us to cherish for years to come.  We are so pleased!  I am sending the questionnaire to you today, please feel free to use us as a reference to your superior work. Thanks again for a wonderful job, we really enjoyed working with you" Ashley and Jaimie

"There are so many moments that you caught and I know that will be so special to have in years to come" Stacy and Shannon

"The video captured so much emotion!! It had us crying. Also, guests commented at the wedding how you didn't even know the videographers were there. PERFECT JOB!" Stephanie and David

"The movie is wonderful and you were very easy to work with. I feel so lucky that the final product is something we love so much, feels like it was made for us" Katie and Preston

"Thank you so much for the videos, they were great. I cried just as hard watching them as I did that day. I am so thankful I chose you to be my videographer" Rhonda and Tom

"...we were just struck with how great the quality of the video and audio was, and how it was put together. We got to relive that wonderful evening and got to see some things we hadn't seen. I know Kim and Jerry enjoyed the personal messages from their family and friends and will cherish them forever. We are all so glad we contracted you to video the wedding. We just absolutely love it. You both did a fantastic job, and we appreciate all your help and professionalism" Gale and John (parents of the bride)

"So glad I got the video! Best decision I made! I start to forget 'little things' so I watch the video. It reminds us of how special it was. Excellent job!" Rachel and Chad

"The video could not have been more perfect. The music, the special effects, the timing - beautifully done! You captured the feelings of a magical day for our family" Carol (mother of bride)

"Thank you very much for doing a wonderful job on our video! You captured more than I could have even imagined or asked for - you captured all the right moments and the clarity was amazing! My husband did not want a video initially, but I did, and now he is so thankful we did invest in it! Pictures cannot compare to what the video captures!" Teresa and Ed

"I meant to send you an email saying how much we LOVED the video!!  I seriously cannot believe how incredible it turned out!!! :) Our whole family got to watch it together while we were out in CA and we were absolutely floored by the quality of your work!!! It was so amazing, I felt like I was in a real movie! Lol. The songs you chose from our list were absolutely Perfect. :) You couldn't have done a better job!! We felt like we were re-living the whole day, and if I honestly had to choose between all the pictures that were taken of our wedding and your video, I would choose the video. :) It was that incredible. So many moments captured!! You did an absolutely Phenomenal job. :) I will be recommending you to everyone!!" Sammy and Shane

"The wedding video of Nicole and Kenneth was absolutely fantastic!!!!  We love watching it over and over again.  You captured every moment from beginning to end. I highly recommend you to everyone" Marlene and Steve (parents of the bride)

"We absolutely love love the video, you did a remarkable job. We truly are so excited , we laughed and cryed and cannot wait to share it with our friends and family.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Again FABULOUS!!!!!" Glenita (mother of bride)

"I wanted to give you feedback from my mother. She is a very hard woman to please and after watching our video she called me in tears and said it was amazing to watch and that she thoroughly enjoyed it. She said it was well done and was happy that we gave her one of the originals you sent to us. Just thought I would pass the wonderful news to you. I am truly thankful that you put a lot of thought and effort into preserving our special day. I really appreciate it. This is a great keepsake for us to enjoy year after year! I can't wait to show it to our daughter when she is old enough to understand what it means. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" Tanya and Rowan

"I was extremely happy with how quickly Ian replied to emails, and how you guys were able to capture every great moment of our wedding day without being 'obvious or intrusive'. I was also very pleased with the editing. You put in the things I wanted and left out the things that I wouldn't want in there. We have nothing but fabulous things to say about your work and our video."
Lindsay and Josh

"Yes, we loved our DVD!!!  I will definitely pass on the word to anyone I know that is getting married" Deitra and Chris

"You did an awesome job on their video! It brought tears to our eyes!  I know my sister and I would recommend you to any of our friends and family.  Thank you so much for making her happy with the results" Monica (sister of bride)

"I just LOVE the video.  Thanks a million!" Katie and Jon

"I thought everything about your service was of a very high quality and very professional. We absolutely loved our video. Our favorite segment was the 'moments' at the end of the ceremony. That really captured the highlights of that day. Well done!" Morgan and Marcus

"Thank you for helping us to always have a wonderful remembrance of our wedding day! We both loved the slow motion along with the expressions you caught! We love our video! Ian and Jeannie - y'all did a terrific job and you both were great to work with! Thank you so much!" Sarah and Joseph

"We loved it all. Thank you and great work!" Rebecca and Michael

"We loved how we could relive the night. Everything from that day was a huge blur and I will cherish this video for the rest of my life. I enjoy it every time we put it on. Thank you again for everything!" Noel and Josh

"Ian, you did a fabulous job! Thank you for all of the little extra things you so graciously added for me. I am very pleased!" Sheila and Clif

"Thanks a million times for the beautiful memories" Brooke and Aaron

"Everything came out just as I wanted it. I was very pleased with the way our video was put together. The highlights and scenes were edited to fit perfect. The color and picture quality of the video was well put together. That is what I expected from you guys. I saw great quality in the sample disc and hoped my video would turn out the same way. And it did. You guys were very professional and very sweet. Thanks again for our wonderful memories. You did a wonderful job. I couldn't have asked for more" Claudia and Hector

"My husband said he'd have paid (high compliments from him!) twice as much for the video - we both agree that it's the best thing we did!!" Tina (mother of bride)

"You covered the entire event splendidly without us even knowing you were there. It was perfect. We recommend you to anybody!" Amy and Chris

"We are absolutely thrilled with the video! It's even better than what I had hoped for. And you were great to work with" Luisa and Josh

"We are more than happy with Ian Howell Video. Thank you for this wonderful memory of our wedding" Alexandra and Juan

"The overall composition is wonderful! We were extremely pleased with the quality. Also, during the wedding, you did a great job of staying 'behind the scenes' while simultaneously getting all of the right moments" Lizzie and Brandon

"We loved the video and the service was exceptional. We continue to watch the video and love it! Loved the idea of adding family and friend comments! Have recommended you to several brides. It was a pleasure doing business with you!" Vernia (mother of bride)

"You and Jeannie were lovely to work with. Your professionalism inspired confidence. You did not intrude on the wedding. The video is spectacular, it really reflects the nature and spirit of the wedding and our families. The interviews with the family and friends were a lovely touch, much better than I anticipated" Elizabeth (mother of bride)

"I loved everything about it! You did such a wonderful job of recreating our special day - we got to see things we didn't see at our wedding! It made us laugh, cry and feel happy! You two are phenomenal videographers and did an awesome job! Thank you so much!" Kim and Chris

"Today has been 2 years since Scott and Morgan got married.  We wanted to let you know that the video still brings back wonderful memories of that day and wanted to thank you again for such professional workmenship!  We will recommend you to anyone in the area for they will get quality work from you. We couldn't have asked for anything better. Thanks again." Chester and Sharon (parents of bride)

"Our families loved the completeness of the video, especially having all toasts included. We could hear everyone speaking on the video. The dubbing of the music was apprpriate for each event and flowed seamlessly. The entire production was beautiful. During the wedding we were unaware of the cameras which was great" Marlina and James

"I am very pleased with the video. It is better than I thought. I didn't know I could enjoy watching a video so much. You have a very good eye" Tammy and Marshall

"I appreciated that Ian listened to my concerns with the sound and being on time to the wedding prep and reception. The video was wonderful, we will cherish it forever. I know a lot of editing went into it. Ian was creative and highlighted the best parts. Excellent!!!" Janine and Jeff

"We just...watched the video - it is fantastic - more than we hoped for. For me it was like seeing the wedding and reception thoroughly for the first time. My adrenalin was so high that day that I wasn't 'living in the moment'. Thank you so much for a perfect remembrance of that day - you are an artist!" Carol (mother of bride)

"I feel that I must write to thank you for the video/DVD that you made for us about our daughter and son-in-law's wedding. We have shown it to our relatives and friends, and all who have seen it have been very impressed with the the way it has been produced, and also the quality. The music chosen by you to compliment the scenes at the church and at the reception was excellent, and fitted perfectly. Once again thank you for making such a wonderful record of our daughter's wedding which we will treasure for the rest of our lives" John and Margaret (parents of bride)

"just wanted to let you know that the wife and I absolutely love the video! You have definitely made us some happy campers and we really appreciate doing business with you. You will definitely be our first suggestion and choice for people in need of videography services in the future. Thanks!" Christine and Justin

"The DVD about our 50th wedding anniversary was just superb. We all enjoyed how you edited so much information down into a neat flow. So many people were impressed with your work. The music selections were great and incorporating all those photos was a work of art. Thanks for all your hard work. We did so appreciate the DVD" Gayle and Dwight

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