Shelby AND Cheyenne

Selected moments, placed in fairly random order, to suit the feel of the song and its lyrics.

Sometimes, the song chosen for the highlight clip dictates how it looks and how it is edited. Scroll down for some variations.

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Ian Howell Video  2017

Kylie and Ryan

In this instance, I decided lots of slow motion suited the material, the music and the couple.

Again, I like how the moments of video are presented randomly, some of which were not in the main video.

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Ian Howell Video 2017

Anita and Russ

This time, I wanted to tell the story of the wedding in one musical clip, with all the important moments of the day included.

The various moments are edited together in chronological order.  This can appear more pleasing when shared on social media, as many viewers would not have attended the event.

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Ian Howell Video 2017

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