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Customize your package with individually priced elements - see below

Two manned cameras for up to six hours attendance
Intensive custom digital editing, including your choice of music, titles and effects
Wireless microphones at ceremony, for groom, minister, readers etc.
Standard highlights sequence, end credits
Three DVD copies


As Silver package above but also including:
Photo Montage - up to 80 growing up/dating (or honeymoon) pictures
Up to seven hours total attendance
Cinematic highlights sequence (instead of 'Standard')
Three DVD copies


As Gold package above but also including:
Rehearsal and Dinner feature
'Love Story' documentary feature
Honeymoon photo montage
Out Takes sequence
Up to ten hours wedding day attendance
Five DVD copies



One Videographer
Up to six hours attendance
Two cameras at ceremony - one unmanned
Intensive custom digital editing with titles and effects, including your choice of music
Wireless microphones at ceremony
End credits
One DVD copy


More options and details

'Cinematic' Highlights - Your wedding story condensed to a short musical feature, to add to your DVD or facebook etc. - $150

'Standard' Highlights - A sequence of best moments, usually in random order, with slow motion and effects, set to a song of your choice $85

Photo Montage - An artistic 'slideshow'of up to eighty of your chosen photographs, with motion, zooming, 3D and other special effects creatively applied for added interest, edited to music of your choice. Each picture is carefully scanned, color corrected, enhanced and formatted for video. Additional pictures $3 each $200

The 'Love Story' - A unique documentary style video portrait of the
engaged couple shortly before their wedding. The story of how they met, how they fell in love, their hopes for the wedding and beyond, combined with romantic sequences usually shot in an attractive outdoor setting.
A production which sets the scene perfectly for the wedding itself. $350

Rehearsal and dinner - (One videographer) $300

Out Takes - If appropriate footage is available, we can create a sequence of those moments that might make you cringe or laugh - depending on your sense of humor! $75

Raw footage (on DVD) - $35 per two hour disc

Extra DVD copies - $15 each

Extra time at reception - $90 per extra hour

Aspect Ratio Our standard definiton productions can be recorded in 16:9 or 4:3

$300 down to book our services, flexible payment plans

Sales tax applies

Rates subject to change without notice

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(Please check with us first to ensure your date is available)

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